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AKA Products Behind The Brand: Joel Johnson

Posted by Tyler Hooks on 3/5/2020 to Race AKA Blog
AKA Products Behind The Brand: Joel Johnson
What is your current role at AKA Products?
JJ: As one of the owners or AKA I run the day to day operations, which means I oversee just about everything outside of tire development and manufacturing.

Do you have any positions outside of AKA Products?
JJ: AKA is my full time job

What is your proudest racing moment?
JJ: It's easy to pick one of my two World Championships, but I honestly have to say my proudest racing moment was being a pit man for my father when he won his first model boating national championship back in the 90's.  My father helped found the North American Model Boat Association and was always running races and promoting.  Racing was always an after-thought. 

What is your proudest industry moment?
JJ: I think founding and being a part of AKA as we helped change things in the R/C tire segment.  We were the first to use the resealable packaging and first to use closed cell foams.  Both are now a standard.

Where do you see AKA Products in 5 years?
JJ:  We will begin to grow again here in 2020 and we will branch out to the other tire categories and ultimately have a full line up of tires for every category along with pushing the racing segment forward with advanced manufacturing processes for the next advancement in racing tires.

What is the next immediate focus for AKA Products?
JJ: Our immediate focus is on new products. Specifically for the indoor segment for both 1:10 and 1:8.  This will include carpet and turf along with clay tires.

What do you do for fun outside of the industry?
JJ: I do quite a bit of cycling still to help stay in shape both physically and mentally.  I've also started scuba diving and snow skiing with my girlfriend the past couple of years.  And this time of year I really enjoy watching football and playing fantasy football.