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The CITYBLOCK was the first pin on block design tire and has sparked a host of copies across the industry. This innovative approach to tread design launched a tire that is unmatched in its versatility. From loose dusty tracks to high bite hard packed tracks the CITYBLOCK will deliver consistent performance and has become the work horse of the AKA tire line. You can't go wrong with a set of these in your tires collection. The new EVO Truggy tires feature the new ROAR legal 1:8 Truggy bead design and a redesigned carcass shape that includes internal ribbing.„ The new bead design mimics the 1:8 buggy bead design which will make for easier assembly and a stronger bond between the wheel and the tire.„ The carcass shape has been refined to take advantage of the new bead design. Internal ribbing has been added to minimize tire growth at high RPM and support the tire contact patch during cornering. All this adds up to much improved handling and lower lap times.

AKA EVO truggy cityblock, weight: 120g, width:2.5in, diameter: 5.56in


Two pre-mounted tires

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